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Filter Example

Differential pressure measurement



 Our products are specifically designed and manufactured according to your requirements and designs. We offer the following products for your applications:
Automatic Backflush Filter
 Structure Automatic-Backwash-Filter
The medium which shall be filtered is conducted through the inlet connection in the raw funded water space of the filter, flows through the filter cartridges mounted on the perforated disc and exits the filter purified through the outlet connection.
Possible trapped air and gas inclusions are seperated by an automatic air vent.
The impurities are retained within the filter cartridges and thus generate an increasing flow resistance.

Once an differential pressure set at the measuring unit is reached or a preselected time expires, the automatic medium-backflush is triggered. The backflushing rotor reaches under each filter cartridge without causing any operational disruptions, whereat the simultaneously opened backflush valve allows a washing of all cartridges by a flow reversal with its own medium. After a full revolution of the rotor, the backflushing cycle is completed and the backflushing valve is closed.


1 Perforated disc

2 Filtercartridge

3 Backflushing rotor

4 Rotor engine

5 Automatic air vent

6 Differential pressure switch

7 Backflush valve

8 Housing cover

  • With Elastospalt-Filtercartridge
  Breathing ElastoSpalt-Filtercartridges display exactly defined filtration gaps, which are widened during the backflushing cycle. Through this expansion even clamped near-mesh-particles as well as fibrous suspended and solid particles are removed and do not lead to constant obstructuions. Backflushing filter with these dynamic filter elements are extremely reliable and maintenance free.

Filter fineness: 50 µm to 1 mm
Material: Polypropylen

  • With V-Gap-Filtercartridge
  Rigid V-Gap-Filtercartridge are our solid standard filtration elements with precise V-shaped filter gaps, before which all to be deposited impurities are separated. During the backflush cycle in a reversed flow the V-shaped gaps induce a strong backflush current, removing the deposited impurities and solids.

Filter fineness: 50 µm to 3 mm
Material: Stainless steel
Band-pass filter Installation

BandfilterBackflush water purification


Single Filter
Duplex switching filter
Fine Filter
pipeline filter, coarse filter, strainer and mud traps in Y-and T- design, dome and startup filter
Spare parts and maintenance for BRIEDEN backflush filter